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WEDNESDAY | Post-Conference



W1: The Challenges of Maintaining a Consistent Ethics Program Across Multiple Cultures and Remote Locations

  • Cultural Alignment—Experiences and examples of how to deploy an ethics program that appreciates the culture not only at different geographic locations but also from different heritage businesses, even domestically
  • Managing Remote Locations—Situations that led to the development of a remote and small site international playbook and experiences of using it to achieve a consistent approach to managing the program and gathering feedback consistent
  • Using Ethics Representatives—Use of part-time ethics representatives can greatly extend the reach and range of the ethics program and result in a local deployment of the common ethics program in tune with the local culture
Steven Pegg, Senior Ethics Officer, Lockheed Martin International - Europe, Middle East & Africa

Rielle Miller-Gabriel, Ethics Officer & Manager, International Ethics Operations, Lockheed Martin Corporation

W2: How to Conduct Internal Investigations on Corruption Schemes

  • What makes corruption schemes (bribery and conflicts of interest) so hard to investigate? What can Compliance departments do to preventively make the investigation process easier?
  • What are key techniques or practical tools that internal investigators can use to investigate allegations or suspicions of bribery or conflicts of interest?
  • This session will attempt to provide answers to the above questions and present practical lessons learned from dozens of internal investigations conducted all over the world. This will also be an opportunity for participants to share their experience.

Maximilien Roche, Senior Manager - Anti-Fraud Unit, STMicroelectronics



10:00 – 10:15


W3: Keeping Training and Awareness Programmes Up to Date in the 21st Century

  • Referencing cyber security and other hot topics, we will see how in this fast-moving, ever-changing digital world, attention spans are reducing, employee education needs changing, and ideas in awareness training are evolving
  • It’s all about retention—Improving the learning experience and making it stick!
  • Looking beyond the conventional, we will explore how to grab employee attention, win the persuasion game and influence behaviour—effecting real, meaningful, and effective culture change in your business
Paul Rew, European Counsel, McDougall Rew

Kirsten Liston, Managing Partner, Rethink Compliance

W4: Using Employee Surveys to Measure and Improve Ethics and Compliance Programme Effectiveness

  • Employee surveys are one way to assess whether your compliance programme is effective
  • Which survey questions yield the most useful information, and how this information can be combined with other data to gain deeper insights into ethics and compliance programme effectiveness
  • How you can use these insights to develop your ethics programme and shape your organisation’s culture
Jillian Swain, Global Ethics Manager, Rolls-Royce PLC