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SUNDAY | Pre-Conference



P1: Compliance 101

  • Understand the infrastructure requirements for an effective compliance program
  • Discussion of practical application in implementing the elements of a compliance program
  • Have the opportunity to practice concepts discussed during the sessions
Debbie Troklus, Managing Director, Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center LLP

Sheryl Vacca, SVP/Chief Compliance & Audit Officer, University of California

P2: The Global Conundrum: Making Your Training Vendor’s Compliance Content Resonate with International Audiences

  • Real world challenges in leveraging U.S.-centric content from training vendors for a global audience
  • Recommended strategies and best practices for customizing and globalizing off-the-shelf content
  • The future of globalized compliance training content and technology trends that offer a promising future

Rob Strulowitz, Management Consultant, Rob Strulowitz Consulting

Sandra Bograd, Managing Director, The Sandra Bograd Group; Of Counsel, Nuzzi & Mason



15:00 – 15:15

P3: Ethics & Compliance: A Tale of One World in Two Dimensions— Differing Perspectives & Methods for Achieving the Same Goals

  • To be effective you need both dimensions. Compliance without Ethics and Values is like the cart without the horse. Ethics & Values without a framework will not satisfy the regulators or your own board.
  • Guiding Principles; roadmap of own accountability and consistency. Ethics & Compliance is everyone’s responsibility
  • Compliance and the Enterprise—how to translate Corporate requirements into local deliverables from two worlds; two views, differing methodologies, same goal. Two ways of looking at the same message and how they are applied.

Susan Du Becker, Global Compliance Enablement, Cisco Systems, BV

Ruth N. Steinholtz, Values Based Business Ethics Advisor, AreteWork LLP

P4: Influencing: Our Role in “Moving the Meteor”

  • Inbound and outbound
  • Strategic techniques and getting to “effective”
  • Influencing your profession
Jenny O’Brien, Chief Compliance Officer, UnitedHealthcare

Thomas R. Fox, Principal, Advanced Compliance Solutions